Month: September 2022

Literacy Month

We are so excited to be celebrating Literacy Month!!  Please see below for our calendar of events and posters.


September is Literacy Month!

We are once again celebrating Literacy Month with a 2022 theme of Literacy Connects Us!

At home:

  • Literacy connects us to health. Canadians with stronger literacy skills enjoy better health.
  • Literacy skills help us find, understand and use health information.
  • Literacy connects us to our kids. Having books and reading aloud at home help develop children’s literacy skills.
  • Literacy connects us to better finances. Strong numeracy skills help us manage our money.

At work:

  • Literacy connects us to employment. Strong literacy skills are connected to having a job and earning more money.
  • Literacy connects us to health and safety. Strong literacy skills help keep us safe at work.
  • Literacy connects us to learning. People with stronger literacy skills are more likely to participate in adult education and job-related training.

In the community

  • Literacy connects us to civic engagement. Canadians with strong literacy skills are more likely to vote and volunteer.
  • Literacy connects us to others. Literacy skills help us communicate, participate and feel included.
  • Literacy connects us to our rights. Literacy helps us understand our rights and responsibilities. It helps us understand what to do in legal proceedings.
  • Literacy connects us to the digital world. Digital access and skills allow people to fully participate in society.


Please see below for some activities happening this month:

  • September 8th: International Literacy Day – we will be joining many communities across BC with a purple light up in Fort St. John. Can you find it?
  • September 10th: Visit us at the Community One Stop registration for fall program information and registration.
  • September 13th – Any Book Club: One-day event at the Fort St. John Public Library for children ages 6-11 to bring in their favourite book to discuss and complete a craft.
  • September 13th – Nutritional Literacy class with Beccalicious Cooking
  • September 17th- 7 Teaching activity package pick up at the Fort St. John Public Library.
  • September 19th – Talk like a Pirate Day: Picture contest with the Fort St. John Public Library.
  • September19-25th – StoryWalk: Stuck – Oliver Jeffers at Fish Creek Community Forest. Thank you City of Fort St. John Recreation Department for putting this together! 
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