2020 World Fair Virtual Edition Presented by SWIS – JUNE 6th!

The “World Fair Fort St. John” is an important once a year event that features beautiful presentations of culture and diversity from around the world. There are people with stories to tell, interesting music, amazing smells of different cooking, fascinating movements of dancing… it’s been a wonderful outdoor summertime event.

However, this year, we have a global pandemic…

The World Fair Team has decided that cancelling the world fair is NOT an option. The invitations are already in the mail and the posters are already at the printers.

We have no idea how to take such an important community gathering and make it VIRTUAL. So… we’ve hired Ted.

Ted, is a SD60 teacher, a community member of FSJ, and someone who gets asked to MC a lot of events…

Ted is now responsible for finding a way to pull this thing off. Ted will be LIVE… June 6th, presenting the FSJ World Fair… virtually.

How is it going to go? We have no idea… but we’re excited to find out on June 6th at 3:00 PM!

The World Fair 2020 is a presentation by School District 60 Settlement Workers In Schools Program (SWIS)